In a modern world where a metropolises are brilliantly lit by multi-colored neon lights and vibrant ads in a symphony of colors, there are 1.3 billion people living without electricity and countless other places where it may be an out-of-reach luxury.

Driven by a desire to bring a bit of light into the world, the young founders of Seoul-based Lumir have created an innovative device that aims to solve at least a part of the problem. Shaped like a miniature lighthouse, Lumir C houses an LED that is conveniently powered by the heat of a single candle, placed at the base of a unit. It requires no cords, no batteries, and no other accessories in order to light up a room with bright white light. Even though it is designed to help those in developing worlds, Lumir C is an excellent lighting solution for anyone. The elegant shape and the fantastic functionality will suit modern homes perfectly, making it a great choice for creating a unique ambience with mood lighting in a living room. Lumir C can be used with scented candles and it will come in various colors and finishes, including matte, metal and pastel tones. The company has an active Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for manufacturing, with a projected worldwide release date set for July 2016.





By Gessato