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Same you. Same Dream. But with Carbon Emission…

18 de novembro, 2015

Think for a second back to the season where you were a child. You had a dream- to build a castle. So, You set out to achieve that dream. You concentrated on nothing else but the construction of your first castle. “The heavens could fall but not your good ol’ sand castle”  whispered you to your self, and You meant it.

“Oh” gasped you, fatigued by your few hours of labor with the dirt as your rumbling tummy wailed. But “no” insisted you. You would stay focused and you would build that castle with sand, water, and air. And you would live in it, far from the reach of every annoying adult. So you set out. Determined. Undeterred. Will of steel.


On and on You labored. Seconds, minutes, hours on end… the time just kept ticking… Then came the dusk with the stars too away far to light up your site. So, you set out for a rest. You would be back for construction by daybreak O’Clock. While you slept disaster came marching. But poor innocent bingo the dog, doing what he could – playing e’er so happily and down came your castle. All your labor, torn down by one moment of careless happiness. How awful you felt. When on reaching the construction site in the morning the bad deed had been done. Rubble where your castle had been. Your heart sank… you could almost feel it in your feet…

Now fast track to real time. Same you. Same dream. Only different toys- for sand you have hard earned building materials and scarce means; for a sand castle you have your future and the future of posterity to build. Not with sand but with hard work, blood and toil. And oh for Bingo (that ever-restless dog) you have Carbon emissions.

Carbon emission is the consequence of mans rapid and frequent burning of fossil fuels such as gas, coal, or oil. When burned, these fuels release carbon dioxides into the atmosphere. These carbon dioxides are in turn absorbed by plants, purified, and released back to us. Sadly, the plants are being fed more than they can process. These unprocessed carbons are therefore trapped in the atmosphere leading to an increase in the planets temperature (called global warming).

Thus, making the climate of the world to experience rapid changes with unpredictably, horrible ways evident as flood, hurricanes, droughts, earthquake, heat waves, etc. These pictures show how the world could look like in the future if we fold our arms and do nothing about carbon emissions. This calls for immediate actions to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

We must perform our duty and keep carbon emissions on lockdown – reducing it to the barest minimum. No room must be left for procrastination. Now is the time to stand up and fight against carbon emissions. That is the only way to fortify the sophisticated castles you are building for posterity because no matter how posh your construction materials are, they are powerless against the forces of carbon emissions.

Let us not wait for carbon emissions to displace us and tear down our hard earned investments and efforts. Let us walk the talk and build sustainably and work hard towards achieving 0% carbon emission.

by: D’zyna Eni – Arch2o


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